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Silica gel

Silica gel DMF Free
Silica gel MSDS

Active Mineral

Active mineral DMF Free
Active mineral SVHC174

Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride DMF Free
Calcium chloride MSDS

Certification for safe transport of chemical goods

Active mineral desiccant by air
Active mineral desiccant by sea
Calcium chloride by air (2017)
Mont clay desiccant by air
Nano crystalline by air (2017)
Silica gel desiccant by air
Silica gel desiccant by sea

Mont clay

Mont clay DMF Free
Mont Clay MSDS

Nano Crystalline

Nano crystalline Ammonia removal rate
Nano crystalline Benzene removal rate
Nano crystalline Formaldehyde removal rate
Nano crystalline TVOC removal rate


Certificate of car dehumidifier design patent
Certificate of car desiccant design patent