Reusable Eco-friendly sports gear dryer

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Reusable Eco-friendly sports gear dryer


Sports gear dryer remove excess moisture and maintain optimal humidity condition in your sport gears.

It is beautiful, and attractively designed. It comes in small size and shapes to fits all kind of professional sport gears. Place a sports gear dryer in a gym bag, sport kits or anywhere within your sports equipment.

Sports gear desiccant is safe, cannot leak out and does not cause any harm to equipment or human.


Sports gear dryer has an indicator window. When the desiccant is full of moisture, the indicator window will turn to white.

Reusable silica gel desiccant can be reset in 6 Min 600watt microwave or in the sunshine. When the indicator window turn to brown again, then it is ready for reuse.



Products nameReusable Eco-friendly sports gear dryer
Raw MaterialSilica Gel 2-4mm transparent bead
Net weight130g x2 per box or custom
Size of bag13.5cm x 9cm
Absorption Capacity45ML per bag
Package materialThick polyester fabric+PP bag+color box
Printing styleHeat transfer
AdvantagesMicrowaveable and reusable, absorbing excess moisture and bad smell, prevent mildew or fog.
ServiceOEM, ODM and factory brand is available.
MOQNO MOQ for factory brand, 2000pcs for custom
LifetimeSix months depending on humidity and seasons.
ApplicationSports gear, sports shoes, gym bag , etc.
CertificateREACH, ROHS, DMF free, and MSDS
SampleFree offer
Sample lead timestocked for1 days or custom 5-7days
Delivery time25-30days
Payment PayPal, T/T, L/C, Western Union
Loading portShanghai or Ningbo
Product Capacity500,000pcs per month
Shipping wayBy sea, air, or express
CertificateCertificate of Origin including CO, FORM A, FORM E, and FORM F is available.
WarrantyTwo years in cool, dry and sealed conditions.



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