CHANGSHENG” was founded out of passion and lofty objectives to provide a lasting solution to air pollution and moisture control.
Every idea starts with a problem, in the 1980s while I was growing as a child, my parent live in one of the water towns in southern China called Haining city. Haining city enjoys almost round the year rainfall, many times my mother would spread the family member garments for days before they could get dried while my father always repairs the furniture as a result of high moisture concentration.

The thought of how to alleviate my parent from these continuous damages was my top most priority when I entered middle school. My chemistry understanding about moisture absorber and its broad application trigger my eagerness to providing a lasting solution to the said challenges to help my parent and other well-known households. After many years of research and studies, I founded “CHANGSHENG” where we produce Air Purifying bag and moisture dehumidifiers’ products.

The economic growth in the last two decades has increased the risk of air pollution. From the burning of fossil fuels, agricultural activities, exhaust from factories and industries. Most especially the internal air pollution which are caused by household decorations. Decoration manufacturer uses materials which contains formaldehyde (a colorless gas) and benzene (toxic liquid). These are embedded in the essential component of decoration materials such as woods and paints. They emit toxic gases that are harmful to human health. Our Nano air purifying bag and moisture dehumidifier products center on those toxic gases absorption to release fresh and healthy air in your car, homes or offices.

Since 2004, “CHANGSHENG” has been producing outstanding moister absorbers, dehumidifiers’ bag, charcoal bag, car dehumidifiers, shoe deodorizer, wardrobe dehumidifier and lot more. The motive behind our products has been kept firm-up, we ensure all product are produce under strict monitoring for quality and customer satisfaction.

Our product has gain popularity over the years; we have extended our supplies across Europe (including Germany, France, UK, Netherland, and Denmark), America and South-east Asia market since 2006.

Since an excellent healthy living start with little precautions, every home deserves a healthy air; our products are developed to prevent miserable living as a result of air pollution and moisture. Click here to explore our air purifier and dehumidifier products to support your family healthy living.

Changes in humidity can directly affect the comfort of your home and the air you breathe. Control your indoor climate with our air purifier bags and dehumidifiers products. Every “CHANGSHENG” products are homeowner-friendly, increased comfort and remove excess moisture from the air. Our product is aesthetically designed to give your home, car and offices a good look, guarantee odor reduction, remove fogs and harmful haze.

Customer’s feedback is one sure way of attesting to the quality of a product, “CHANGSHENG” products are five stars rated. To contact us for more information about all our various products and services.